Business Consulting

We support you in aligning your business strategy and your organization with the specific requirements of local markets, thus laying the foundations for a successful market development.

We combine broad leadership experience with in-depth market understanding, and proven competence in strategy, sales, and organizational consulting. Our approach is pragmatic and results-oriented, with a focus on:

Market Analysis

We assess market sizes, market potential, and growth opportunities. We analyze the market structure as well as the competitive environment. We identify potential customers, evaluate distribution channels and define critical market requirements. This information provides the platform for a successful positioning of your products in the market.

The process is based on extensive secondary research, interviews with experts along the value chain, and our own market knowledge. Our specific market expertise allows us to interpret the information adequately, and to translate it into robust recommendations for action.

Strategy Development

We work up strategic options, develop in close collaboration with you the appropriate market entry or growth strategies, and we support you in defining the best positioning of your products in the market. Concrete and measurable action plans as well as regular progress reviews ensure the strategic plans are closely linked with the daily business. Of course, we support the implementation until the agreed objectives have been achieved.

Organizational Development

We support you in improving organizational performance. Based on a comprehensive status quo analysis we derive a full set of recommendations with a view to corporate objectives and market requirements. As change experts, we help you in steering required change processes and accompany the consolidation of new organizational routines. A specific problem in the international context are disconnects between the corporate center and national subsidiaries. As experienced and independent facilitators we help to bridge communication gaps and ensure a smooth running of affairs.

Alongside „hard“ factors, such as formal structures, defined processes and transparent objectives, so-called „soft“ factors, such as corporate culture, management styles, established values and norms, play a decisive role. In addition, the speed of change has dramatically increased in the new VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity). As a result, regular organizational checks and the flexibility to quickly adapt to changing environments are becoming ever more important.

The starting point of our organizational analysis are primarily semi-structured interviews with the whole or selected members of the team. Where required we use a broad repertoire of traditional and agile organizations development tools.

Sales Excellence

Based on a detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the sales organization we develop recommendations for improvement of the sales performance. This comprises sales structures and processes, with a view to both, sales efficiency and sales effectiveness, as well as planning, leadership and incentive systems. We support you and your sales team in implementing new structures and processes.

All our partners have led international sales teams, and they understand the critical factors for a successful sales approach. They help your teams to consolidate new routines and processes through accompanying coaching.